Plant health you can see. A payoff you can bank on.

A unique biostimulant, backed by more than a decade of data

It’s the goal of every farmer: Boost yields, build plant health.

Since 2008, Yield Igniter® has been helping farmers achieve this goal and more. We’re continuously perfecting a biostimulant growth enhancer that stimulates plants to aggressively and efficiently take up nutrients. The outcome: a robust, healthy plant that will invariably boost yields.

A proprietary blend + patented process

Simply put, Yield Igniter is unique. It’s the only biostimulant with five key ingredients: humic and fulvic acid, plus NPK. And they make all the difference.

Our blend of ingredients, in combination with our patented process, creates a near-instant plant response and consistent performance over time. 

How it works


Yield Igniter is applied in furrow or foliar – only one low-usage application is needed.


Immediately upon application, the seed or plant recognizes and absorbs the NPK, and along with it, the humic and fulvic acid.


The humic and fulvic acids then cause a growth spurt, so plants are hungrier and aggressively take up nutrients.


Within days, you’ll see greener plants, a height difference and bigger root mass. On average, there is an 80% or greater positive response using Yield Igniter.

The proof is in the numbers

Since 2009, the USDA has conducted multi-year on-farm studies to evaluate Yield Igniter performance. Every soil type and countless environmental stressors have been tested. 

This research shows an average yield increase of 7.6 bushels per acre in corn and 3 bushels per acre in soybeans due to significant plant health benefits.


More uniform corn ears and fewer aborted soybean pods


More complete ear/pod fill leads to an average grain weight increase of 6.5%


25% more root mass enables faster, more efficient uptake of nutrients and water, and increases soil microbial activity


Greater standability due to 38% more stalk strength

Yield Igniter Plant Health Benefits

A tool for regenerative agriculture

Not only will you see the short-term gains with Yield Igniter, but you’ll also be building long-term value for your farm. Larger root systems, more plant stubble, better water infiltration and increased microbial activity. All of these things are gained with Yield Igniter, contributing to better soil health, better carbon capture and a better future.

Corn plants given Yield Igniter may see an increase in root mass of 42% which better enables the roots to intercept and take up nutrients and moisture. The plant on the left was given Yield Igniter.