Local Farmer Testimonials

"With the use of Yield Igniter, I have reduced variability and increased yield within my fields. This is one product you can count on."
- Joel Engle, Marshalltown, IA

"My first year using Yield Igniter I received an eight bushel bump.  Along with that I have seen deep, darker green, and healthier plants.  Since it doesn't require an extra pass, Yield Igniter is of great value to my acres."
- Kent Picht, Iowa Falls, IA

"I noticed that the plant health was better in the Yield Igniter applied strips than in the checked strips.  The applied strips also had excellent weed control.  From the combine cab, the yield increase was evident."
- Rody Bennett, Corydon, IA

 "We have been very happy with our yield results when using Yield Igniter on our corn.  We have seen a consistent 5 bushel average better in our treated areas vs non-treated.  Yield Igniter has provided a good return on our investment and is easy to use."
- Joel Rochford, New Hampton, IA

"I walk my fields.  This product does everything you claim."
- Mark Schwarck, Whitten, IA

"Yield Igniter is just one more tool that we use to stay profitable in our operation.  It is always our goal to maximize profit on every acre.  Yield Igniter helps us do that."
- Kevin Johnson, Iowa Falls, IA

"Great Product! We have used Yield Igniter on Soybeans, Corn, and Hay for 5 years. We have received a yield bump every year along with better plant health."
- Josh Stamp, Belle Plain, IA

"Government tested and proven. Yield Igniter is outstanding."
- Scott Casper, Des Moines, IA

"If your looking for ways to increase yield and overall ROI. Yield Igniter is a tested and proven product."
- Stamp AG, Belle Plain, IA