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Thank you for your interest in Yield Igniter.



Since 2007, our central Iowa-based company has been working tirelessly to make Yield Igniter a product proven to enhance soil nutrition, improve plant health, increase yield and most importantly, return more profit.

When this company started, we were surrounded by other specialty fertilizers brands making big claims about their products. Some of these claims were so outrageous, they gave the specialty fertilizer industry a bad reputation. We asked ourselves, “How credible would our own claims be if they weren’t backed by independent third-party research?” So while others made their claims, we entered into a five-year agreement with the USDA-Agriculture Research Service (ARS).

Our plans for this research were simple

1. Provide research on our product that truly benefits the American farmer.

2. Conduct research on different types of farmland with different soils, tillage and environmental conditions–no cherry picking!

3.  Demonstrate that Yield Igniter produces substantiated soil, crop and yield benefits.

We also agreed to have our five years of data published regardless of outcome – given our patented-pending extraction process we were confident in doing so. Results were as strong as we expected and we encourage you to learn more about all of our 63 research studies.

We have now entered into another five year agreement that will focus on plant reactions to our product. The goal is to help us better understand how we are increasing plant health along with yield. We truly want to be able to back up all yield data and believe this is the best and only way to accomplish that goal.

I take great pride in being able to look dealers and farmers in the eye, knowing we have 100% confidence in our interpretations and conclusions. We owe a big thanks to the USDA-ARS, the National Laboratory for Agriculture and the Environment, and Iowa State University.

Most importantly, I would like to thank farmers for giving us the opportunity to prove Yield Igniter on their farms.

A lot has changed for our company over the last seven years, but our dedication to proven results remains the
same. Thank you again for your interest in Yield Igniter. We look forward to working with you.


Chad Callaway

Check out our video about Yield Igniter Fertilizer