Product Information on Yield Igniter Fertilizer.


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Yield Igniter Fertilizer is a proprietary combination of NPK along with Humic and Fulvic Acid.  We are the best humic and fulvic product on the market due to our patent pending extraction process.  Our company has been doing research with the USDA/ARS since 2009.  We also have been working with Iowa State/USDA/Biofuels since 2012.  Yield Igniter Fertilizer can be used on Corn, Soybeans, Alfalfa, Wheat, and Pasture/Grass.


Product Information on attributes of Yield Igniter Fertilizer on corn..
  • Increased yield on all corn varieties
  • Plant is healthier and has less fungal disease
  • Plant is alive longer
  • Increase of uptake of all nutrients, and water up take
  • Increased photosynthesis
  • More efficient nitrogen uptake
  • Showed increase in biomass by 10-15%
  • 42% increase on all fine roots that uptake all the nutrients, and resulting in decreased cannibalization
  • 35% decreased soil compaction after 2-3 years of use
  • 25% increase in overall root mass (Root ball)
  • Increased lignin by 10% (Thicker more rigid stalk, and improves standability)
  • Increased stover for bio-fuels
  • Increased stoma cells and nighttime respiration (Takes in CO2--releases O2)
  • Pollination advanced by 1-2 days
  • Extended black layer/grain fill period by 1-2 days (Based on temperatures)
  • More consistent ear length
You need 48 ounces of Yield Igniter Fertilizer per acre.  Contact your local dealer or the main office in Conrad, Iowa about mixing questions.  (make sure you check out our application guide)
If you click on the brochure below it will give you more information on soybeans.


 Yield Igniter Fertilizer Product Information